ADDRESS Interview with Destanne Lundquist of MOSS GREY.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. MOSS GREY is a clothing company which focuses on natural fibres, minimal aesthetic, and the balance between from and function – elegant pragmatism. We strive to achieve that magic dynamic between the beauty of the garment and the beauty of the wearer – where a sense of harmony is felt so one can move through their journey with quiet confidence. Our love of nature is embedded in our practice, design, and execution of our work.

Describe your creative process. I am inspired by the distillation of an idea. There is such pleasure in reducing the static when it comes to designing a garment – what is really needed to make this garment function? What can I strip away to get to the core of the concept of the design? I spend quality time with the fabric – I let the fabric communicate its form, it’s need to move, it’s unadulterated beauty and meditate on the design to match. There must be a marriage between the fabric and the design – it is a dance between medium and aesthetic.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? When I have a creative block I go to nature, make music with my lovelies, watch or read about poetic lives and engage in deep, explorative conversations with people who totally and utterly know me and love me. Then, once I get have that fuel, I spend time by myself in my studio and go in to myself. I find that unadulterated pearl inside of myself and begin to write + draw. I go back to centre and simultaneously look in while looking out.
I look through books of design + art as well as delve into the lives of artists and remind myself to stay in the creative process.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Go to the quiet place inside of you where your unadulterated Truth resides. Spend time there and get to know it, get to know yourself. Move forward, even in when in fear, with honesty, humility + bravery. Trust that you will make mistakes and be grateful for them because nothing is as powerful as genuinely knowing Why. Get to know the choreography of your own unique path and practice it. Journey with intention and know that there is no reason to rush – there is a right time for everything.

What’s your dream project? My dream project would be to have my own Atelier / Design House where I have the freedom to collaborate, explore and design in a truly artful way which would allow for sustainability, collectivity and engaged creative process.
I would LOVE to have a team where we get to explore ideas, travel, inspire one another (perhaps others too!) making beautiful things, delve into grand ideas and cultivate a platform for exploration of ideas + creative expression.

What design trends are you excited about? I am loving the Minimal, Natural and Sustainable approach to design .
Conscientious expression, natural fibres/fabrics/materials, as well as clothes/objects/artifacts that are not only beautiful + comfortable, but healthy to our bodies, the planet and one another.