ADDRESS Interview with Nike Schroeder.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. I create paintings with fiber and other times with paint. Sometimes with both. I explore form, colors and materials and the playful combination of new textures.

Describe your creative process. I honestly don’t have one creative process. It absolutely depends on what I am working on or with. So I guess my mantra is to be lead by the material. My fiberwork demands absolute planning and precision whereas my paintings are in constant demand of a dialogue. Ceramics take my mind away completely and I just give in to the material. They are all such different mediums with such different processes around them. That is why I like to jump around in between.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? Nature and animals. They definitely stole my heart and will always ground me and loosen a creative block. Talking to other creatives and gallery visits defiantly help as well. There is nothing more inspiring than to be in a room with a piece of art that will conquer your eyes and mind. Yet again I can only be inspired when grounded. Hence the run to the trees, cats and chicken.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Stick to what you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What’s your dream project? So many dreams! Big things. I want to make bigger work. A 40 foot textile piece. I would love to collaborate with other makers in different fields, architects, fashion and furniture designers, welders, tech guys! My dream is to click with someone and dream up something together that hasn’t entered my mind yet. Something which is developed together and that neither one of us could have possibly thought of themselves.

What design trends are you excited about? I am really enjoying to see the restorative return to ancient materials such as ceramics, wood working and fiber/rope. I feel a lot more women have come through to lead major design trends and there is a new sensitivity visible. An attention to small detail, an appreciation of labor and an awareness of environmental and humanitarian issues. I love this holistic approach to creating a beautiful space.