ADDRESS Interview with East Van Light.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. I design and build vintage industrial lamps with engaging modern designs. Combining locally sourced premium hardwood bases and quality hardware components, our lamps deliver warm ambient light, and a refined old world aesthetic that inspire the work, repose, curiosity and conversation of those around them.  All of our products are UL certified and proudly handcrafted in small batches, in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Describe your creative process. So much of my creative process unfolds through outrageously long periods of silent contemplation and internal dialogue around new ideas. Trying to understand how they percolated in the first place. What excites me about them? Is the feeling genuine? Am I just forcing the issue to feel like I’m making progress? Followed by distracting myself with other things to see which ideas fizzle and which continue to reemerge. This can go on for days, weeks, months or years. Questioning, troubleshooting, molding, taking notes and sketching plans – mentally/physically – each time building a little more on the idea, allowing it to slowly take form, grinding down over every last detail of the visual and technical design and how all the parts will come together in a cohesive manner until it eventually appears fully tangible in my mind. Once that biggest challenge is overcome, the remainder of the process is a simple exercise of execution; the fun part of getting down to work and bringing it all to life.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? My peers! I’m so fortunate to have friends who are creative/artistic/maker types, and who are involved with so many interesting an inspiring projects. Whether playing in bands, making great films or designing and building beautiful and inspiring things – it’s all rooted in the creative, and a need and desire to turn their burning ideas into tangible realities. Being able to turn to these awesome people and just watch them do what they do so well is often the medicine I need for clearing any hurdles in my own creative path.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Whatever it is that you do, do it for you first. Think for you. Get stoked and inspired for you. Tinker and mess around for you. Design and build for you. Fail and fall over for you. Get back up and do it better for you. Learn for you. Don’t worry about anyone else, and don’t stop pushing at this thing that you love until you become so f*cking excited about what you’re doing that the energy explodes out of you into everything that you do, and onto everyone around you. Be unabashed of your untamable excitement and stand behind it 1000% – this is what everyone else will feel, this is what they will connect to, and this is why they will stand behind you and support you in all that you do.

What’s your dream project? I really want to get the band back together! Totally falls outside of design, but I have so many interests and passions, and nothing in this world gets my creative juices flowing like writing, playing and listening to music… it’s been a long time since my old band days, and I definitely miss it. One day I really hope to get these rusty hands back behind the drums, get another band going, write some fun tunes, and rock out with them on stage once again!

What art / design trends are you excited about? To be honest I’m really not au-courant with design trends; I tend to design and create things that speak to me, that get me excited, and that I would want to use in my own life. I fell into lighting design out of some innate desire to take on a project with the simple goal of learning something new, and I’ve been refining it from there ever since. I definitely favor industrial design; the coming together of wood and metals, minimal in parts and materials, high in attention to detail, and evenly balanced and refined in aesthetic, because that’s what I think looks great. If that’s a trend, then that is definitely the one that excites me the most!