ADDRESS Interview with eikcam ceramics.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. Thoughtful ceramics made with intention.

Describe your creative process. My creative process is a huge interconnected map of inspirations from travel and memories to sketches that become forms through clay to planning out new collections for my stock lists and travelling shows. It’s a giant loop of steps that overlap and repeat and find their place somehow.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? Fortunately, I’ve never faced a creative block but I’ve faced the monotony of creating the same form too many times, over and over again. So, my work is continually morphing and adjusting to fulfill the multitude of ideas that I want to relay through clay.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Be willing to experience the lowest lows and highest highs while working diligently and with intention. The path for a creative mind will be difficult at times, but chipping away at your 10,000 hours has its own milestones that are crucial to developing your skills and pinpointing your strengths. Keep at it!

What’s your dream project? My dream job is to lead the cinematography on a film one day. I absolutely loved my role as an art/creative director in my past life and to work with the 3D motion realm would be mind blowing.

What art / design trends are you excited about? I’ve been an avid gardener for many years and have been surrounded by green foliage my whole life, so the green plant trend is a nostalgic nod to the plant obsessed maker.