ADDRESS Interview with Fabulous Furnishings.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. Makers of high quality custom furniture all handcrafted in our north vancouver shop servicing residential clients and designers seeking something uniquely fabulous and sustainably made. We are also just passionate about creating anything from fabric so window treatments, re-upholstery and even blinds are within the scope of what we love to do.

Describe your creative process. The creative process is a collaboration between us and the client or designer. Every project comes with a different process tailored to the scope of the project depending on how clear of a picture is formulated at the start. Custom design means listening to gather insight in order to propose a draft that fulfils the desires and requirements of project and allows our client to be able to visual the design which they approached us with in its conceptual stages. Often custom projects begin as hand drawn sketches or image references, plans get drafted and refined to the correct proportions as final designs are created and approved for production.  Then detailed work orders are drawn up as the project moves into the hands of our skillful team of carpenters, upholsterers and seamstresses.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? Personally I just need to force my hands into it. When physically working on a project, I can see it come to life in my hands and the creativity starts to pour into it. There is nothing better than the freedom to morph and mold a project as you progress with it, often troubleshooting and working through any kinks you encounter gives you the best results. I can get trapped in the planning process with too many drafts, you cannot always anticipate the problems you encounter in the production with a mix of so many elements.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Dive head first and fake it until you make it. Put up blinders and by the time you take them off, you’ll have been going at it long enough to make your mark (Fine that’s just what a businessman told 20 year old me but it stuck, especially since unknowningly I’d already been doing that so it felt like I was on the right track). Don’t go in with too high of expectations and get ready to work harder than you ever imagined you could, then learn to work smarter. The years of hard work and the ability to learn from your mistakes will keep you afloat as long as you are driven by passion and a love of your craft, there is value in what you do. Never have too much pride (or ignorance) to listen hard to what your clients are saying and ask advice from the wise people around you.

What’s your dream project? I am living the dream. It’s not one single project that excites me more than others it’s really the process I am in love with and the people involved. I can’t tell you what a high it is to work and create in my big ol’ shop with all the team of people in it that are here because they are freaking fabulous and that some of the most talented designers and pickiest humans in the city trust us with their projects. I used to dream of the time when work wouldn’t be stressful or hard because I would just be so much better at what I do and find it fun…and I am feeling it!

What art / design trends are you excited about? More natural materials, linen, wool, wood, cotton and latex foam…I love latex foam.