ADDRESS Interview with Joel Sayre.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. Using pieces of locally salvaged trees to design and make unique furniture and sculpture.

Describe your creative process. Usually I start a piece with a clear idea of what I want to achieve in mind. That “clear idea” often gets derailed as I get into a piece and start to see things that will change the direction I had originally intended. Part of the beauty of working with wood in it’s raw form is that you can’t really see what’s in it until you start working it and what’s discovered can, at times, have a big influence on how a piece turns out.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? If I had to choose a single word it would be – nature. The shapes and forms found in the natural world are the biggest influence and inspiration for what I do.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Do what you love and ignore the naysayers.

What’s your dream project? Can’t say that I have a dream project. I really like the idea of something that I have made becoming a part of someone’s everyday life.

What art / design trends are you excited about? I don’t know if this qualifies as a trend but, I’m often amazed by the art people create using materials I would never think to use. Ordinary, everyday things like pencils or paperclips, in the right hands, can be turned into incredible art.