ADDRESS Interview with Nicholas Purcell Furniture.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. Designer/artist/maker of exceptional handmade furniture who takes the whole process very seriously… very seriously! I tend toward a contemporary aesthetic marked by excellent craftsmanship and carefully chosen materials. Much of what I create are bespoke, one of a kind pieces for clients but I also create works for retail and really thrive on the experimentation this affords me. These pieces are usually shown at Kozai Modern Gallery.

Describe your creative process. Usually it’s to see all the possibilities, then to see some more and some more until I’m so bogged down that I have to call on my talented wife to talk me off the ledge and help narrow the scope! I’m inspired by architecture, fashion, sculpture, product design, graphic design; anything that offers me examples of good proportion, scale or composition.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? I flip through magazines upside down. I mean the magazine is upside down not me.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Life is long. Try this, try that and then try something else – there is time. Strive to do really good work but do not be a perfectionist. Trust me on this one. I sometimes fear for the future of design because constructive criticism has been hijacked and lumped in with bullying. It’s not necessarily good because you say it is. Find someone who can give you constructive feedback to help you produce work that is extraordinary. If you struggle with design then collaborate with a designer, if making is not your strong point then partner with a maker. The future will thank you. And for heavens sake enjoy yourself.

What’s your dream project? There isn’t just one I can think of. Working at something I’m passionate about and enjoying my wife and kids is all the dreaming I need at this point.