ADDRESS Interview with Pot Inc.

Define your craft in 3 sentences or less. Our work is about looking for holes in the plant design industry and filling them. When we see a need in the planter world, we design something that will work. We want to implement easy, stylish and durable planter products for the discerning interior and exterior designer.

Describe your creative process. The creative process for a single product usually takes months of floating around in our heads before finally sitting down and putting it together on the computer. After that, prototyping and testing amongst talented garden designers helps solidify the design.

Where do you find inspiration when experiencing a creative block? Inspiration comes when I’m googling modern planters on the internet or travelling in strange countries looking at gardens and pots.

What advice would you give to young designers / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Get into the practical hands-on work as much as possible. Take advice from peers and professionals and make sure what you’re trying to achieve is what you really want.

What’s your dream project? My dream project is one that I am involved in every year on the roof top of the Vancouver Club. We fabricated, installed, designed, planted and maintain their chef’s garden year after year. It’s a roof top escape, growing and tending an ultra modern organic garden.