ADDRESS Interview with Russell Hackney.

Define your product in 3 sentences or less. Original, embossed, porcelain inspired primarily by nature.

Describe your creative process. I think it is hard to define. I can easily recount technically what I do but I don’t think that is the question. The act of embossment modeling is where I always want to be. I design & choose work that excites me in terms of what embossment can be, what I can do with embossment. Most often I look for a narrative to start a new piece, it might be something I hear on the radio or have read – a line or a phrase that surprises me, speaks to me on an emotional level – and then I will respond to that in my work.

Where do you find inspiration when you experiencing a creative block? Talking out loud in the forest (after first making sure I’m alone!). ‘Noticing and journaling’.

What advice would you give to young designer / makers / artists / creatives aspiring to make it in their field? Realize that what you do is important. Ask questions – even the ones that you fear might make you look stupid: its always about the work, not you.

What’s your dream project? An enormous wall installation of embossed porcelain. Give me a wall somebody!

What art / design trends are you excited about? I don’t really get excited about trends, I get excited when I discover a new artist. A few months ago the axis of my ‘porcelain world’ was altered by the work of Hitomi Hosono – for the first time in my life I sent a fan letter/e-mail to an artist! Simply to tell her how her work had affected me.